29, dog-lover, newly wed, soul searcher, pretend-runner

Documenting thoughts through words has always been something that I’ve done, but I have never able to do it [with any amount of consistency] in a journal.  More often than not, it would be on napkins while at a coffee shop or in my school notebook [yes, during a class lecture] that I’d jot a random thought or rant.  And eventually, thoughts small notes either were forgotten, scribbled out (so I could photocopy class notes for friends without embarrassment), or thrown out with my half finished Starbucks latte.

In this iPhone era, I tend to email myself ramblings or pictures of written ramblings so I could keep them for later, so I figured why not resurrect a blog for myself to share with family and friends.  (I’m not big on Facebook status updates.)

So, let’s see, what will this revolve around?  Probably my most current obsessions:  my dog, my latest fitness craze, my insecurities about being a student again (and relying on the support of my family, especially my loving husband).  Maybe a little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing.


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